From trade policy and weather to consumer demand, farmers today encounter more challenges than ever before, facing outcomes that they believe they can’t control. As the only complete crop production management solution, AGI SureTrack® puts the farmer back in the driver’s seat, allowing them to make the decisions that define successes.


Grow. Certify. Profit. Repeat.


SureTrack solves production and marketing challenges in every season on the farm. Let your farm tell its profitability story.

  • One location and one login provides access to all of your data.
  • Access anytime, anywhere with an internet connected device.
  • Data security - You always control your data and the decisions about how to use it.
  • Full warranty for the length of your subscription through the subscription program.
  • 24/7 customer support from dedicated AGI SureTrack sales and coaches.

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BinManager® is the industry’s leading grain bin management solution, and the only option on the market to offer a fully automated preservation and conditioning solution.

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TankManager makes managing consumption, delivery and downtime associated with bulk fuel, liquid and propane easy.

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The solution integrates software and hardware to allow a grain dryer to be monitored and managed remotely, anytime and anywhere.

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View your entire operation at once with data about soil, machinery, weather, and now grain content analysis, using out portable Fieldlab.



Effectively track growing conditions both above and below the soil's surface with FieldDataManager.

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The Farmobile PUC device collects true real-time data across most machine brands and models, and is seamlessly integrated into AGI SureTrack.

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Capture precision grain analysis data within seconds with FieldLab by AGI SureTrack.

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