Homan Inc. History

Homan, Inc. is the current name of a company that was founded at this same location by Dennis and Louise Homan in 1958. Dennis and Louise are the parents of the company’s current president Roger Homan. Dennis began the company by selling Ribstone Silos and Farm Materials Handling Equipment that was manufactured by Badger Northland of Kaukauna, WI.

50% of the company was purchased by Roger and Deborah Homan in 1985. At this time the company became a General Partnership and did business under the name of Homan Equipment. The remaining 50% was purchased by Roger and Deborah in 1989. At that time the company’s structure was changed to a C Corporation and the name was changed to Homan Equipment, Inc. In 1997 the corporate name was changed to Homan, Inc. to better reflect our products and services.

Today Homan, Inc. still specializes in Livestock Materials Handling Equipment. The company has also diversified into other products and services to better serve our customers. Two of the most prominent additions to our product offerings is the construction of Livestock Facilities and Grain Storage and Handling Systems.

The Company is still a C Corporation, but the management of the company is shared by a management team. Consisting of the President, a Sales Manager, a Construction Manager, a General Manager and a Controller. An Organization Chart is posted in several locations throughout the company.

The Company continues to grow and expand our services to an area that covers about a 100 mile radius of our office in Maria Stein, OH.

Our customers are primarily livestock and grain farmers. We have earned a great reputation for customer service, parts availability and a knowledgeable sales, service and management team. Our projects are known throughout the world as having quality construction, great design and timely completion. It is our goal at the company to continue and expand on this reputation.